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WordPress Essentials

Easy to follow videos help you build your confidence with your site. Start from a new installation, or just pick up user and maintenance tips for a better site. Learn all the tools & plugins I use on my sites and for my clients.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing & Social Media are here to stay, and having a quality list is the secret to success that the big guy’s use everday. Demystify the setup & use of your email marketing system. Take Control of your list and your marketing.

Tools & Integrations

Your website is your digital home base, but it’s not everything. Social media, email marketing, and analytics, are just some of the other pieces of the puzzle. Learn how they all fit together to make your markeing more informed & on target.

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Themes, Plugins, Email Marketing & Integrations… Oh, My!

The WordPress Toolkox has tutorial videos to cover everything from setting up your very first WordPress website (including registering your domain and setting up hosting) to building your mailing list with WordPress to security tips and tools. I love WordPress, and I want you to, too.

Your website does not exist in a vaccuum. There are so many amazing tools available for your to use, to help automate things, or repurpose your content, or offer free reports and webinar to your mailing list. I couldn’t even think of making WordPress tutorial videos without also sharing how WordPress also works with these other tools.

And not just videos – you’ll get access to downloadable cheat sheets and planning tools and tutorials. Because video training isn’t the best method for everything.

I’ve been working with WordPress for over seven years, and have acquired a lot of knowledge about different tools. And I LOVE sharing that knowlodege. (When I was a kid, I wanted to be a teacher – I think this is how that dream is manifesting.)

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