Take control of your website

Building a whole website can seem overwhelming - the planning, the terminology, and the tech! But, I've broken down the whole process into small, doable, steps - not just the tech. I'll help you with the planning and terminology, too.

Does this sound familiar?

  • You try to follow strategies suggested by coaches and experts, but they just tell you what to do, not how to get it done.
  • You're frustrated by signing up for super-niched down classes that don’t show you how to connect those lessons to what you’ve learned in other courses?
  • Doing it all yourself seems to be taking too long, but you don't have the budget yet to pay someone more experienced to do it for you.
  • The last time you hired someone, they ghosted on you right after the project was done (or before!) and you have questions but don't know where to turn for answers.
  • You're tired of looking through endless YouTube videos that just don't answer the questions you have.

I have the perfect solution to that…

  • Easy to follow tutorials that aren't full of technical jargon
  • A reliable resource to turn to when you have questions
  • Confidence that your website will give a great experience to your visitors
  • 24/7 access to easy to follow videos help you build your confidence with your site
  • E-courses that you work at your own pace so you can focus on what you need at that time
  • Monthly Q&A webinars with me to help iron out any confusion
  • Emails to keep you motivated and moving forward
  • Access to future videos and courses as long as you stay subscribed!

Guess what? You're in the right place!

For only $47 USD, you can get immediate access to the WP Toolbox.

What's Inside the Toolbox?

WordPress Essentials
WordPress Backups
WordPress Optimization
MailChimp Basics
MailChimp Automations
Email Marketing
Tools Integrations
Local SEO with Google My Business
Create Graphics with Canva

And there's more courses to be added each quarter!

About Your Instructor

Terri Tutich

Hi, I'm Terri. I usually describe myself as "one of those crazy people that loves to play with code", and I love to help business owners feel more confident about their website.

I has been working with WordPress since 2008, and have created, fixed, and saved hundreds of websites. My services range from creating sites and WordPress themes from scratch to customizing and revising existing sites, and include management, maintenance, and training.

As a child, I loved playing teacher. Now, I love working with ambitious entrepreneurs, helping them to feel more confident about editing, managing, and even building their own website.

When your website is the core of your business, it’s important to be know how it works and what it needs, even if you have someone else do the work.

My favorite coding snack combo is Diet Coke and chocolate Twizzlers. (Which can be hard to find, so I've been know to buy lots at once.)

Who’s this program for?

I created this toolbox for frustrated entrepreneurs who want to share their gift with the world and are only being held back by budget or tech skills.

I come across lots of gifted, amazing people every week who have this calling to help others. The Toolbox is for them, for you.

It's for Kim, the writer turned blogger who wants to know how to get more traffic to her site.

It's for Jessie & Ginger, owners of a cute little boutique who want to grow their customer base beyond their storefront.

It's for Grace, the restaurant owner who wants to update the web presence to reach a younger audience.

If you are a savvy entrepreneur starting a new biz and needing a website, if you are a seasoned business owner ready to have more control over and comfort with your website, or if you're a VA or graphic designer looking to add or expand your skill set, the WP Toolbox is for you.

Ready to get started?

For only $47 USD, you can get immediate access to the WP Toolbox.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ready to get started?

For only $47 USD, you can get immediate access to the WP Toolbox.

Need a little help deciding? You can check out the WordPress Basics course for free. Sign up here to get started.